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A male Canada goose (Branta canadensis) guards his mate while she incubates their eggs. nature photography is about being outdoors...nature is not a concept, it is a part of us!

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ImagiNature Studio is...

First, and foremost, ImagiNature Studio is about Nature photography.
I photograph plants, wildflowers, insects and other animals, even a few scenics that provide a sense of the places I've been. And I've been doing it for more than 35 years, all across North America and the Caribbean.

35,000+ images means ImagiNature Studio is also Stock Photography.
I have an extensive catalogue of nature and scenic photos from Ontario & Nova Scotia, Texas and the southeastern US, Mexico and Jamaica, with a soup├žon of photos from other places in Canada and the United States.

ImagiNature Studio also provides Graphic Design & Publishing Services.
I have 15+ years of experience doing desktop publishing and the graphic design services needed to elevate a publication above the mundane. Combining text and graphical elements that support the text is an art...

Science & Art can coexist and ImagiNature Studio will make it easy.
Whether you need specific or categorical nature photos, a "knock-their-socks-off" presentation, an eye-catching, engaging print or web publication, or just a logo or identity package, ImagiNature Studio can do it!

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Nature & Stock Photography

Photography has changed a lot! Once upon a time, I shot Kodachrome on Canon cameras but now my photography and workflow is entirely digital using Sony and Panasonic cameras and Adobe CS5 software. But the more things change, the more they stay the same: a good photo is still a good photo regardless of medium.

Print & Web Publishing

Print publishing and Web publishing go hand-in-hand.
It used to be that you communicated with your members, family, constituents and readers with words on paper, then words and pictures on paper. Like photography, times have changed...but communication is still communication.

Modern publishing now means communicating in both print & electronic media. From the simple (Adobe Acrobat PDF of a print publication) to the complex (interactive Flash webpages from a designed print publication), ImagiNature Studio can accommodate your needs, designs, and desires...