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To Live

A Harmonious Life


A dream become real...imagination meets be able to communicate the music that forms the soundtrack of my life. such is the stuff that dreams are made in harmony!

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Taproot Music & Entertainment Services

A highfalutin, bit pretentious, certainly ostentatious (austintatious?), name for my music-oriented business, but a very descriptive one that is reflective of me, my interests, and my musical aspirations...

It's an old name, in fact, a former band name in Toronto, but since I'm a botanist at heart, and a taproot is the strong central primary root of deeply rooted plants, and the musical genre that most interests me (celtic/world/alternative) is often called "roots" music, and because I have no prior claim to being anything but white, middle class, and of no particular direct ancestry so I'm just "tappng" into "the source," its an entirely suitable one, n'est-ce pas?

Music Services Overview

Music is my joy, a lifelong passion and my raison d'ĂȘtre...

My life has always had a soundtrack that no-one else could hear. I hear melodies in my head that I've never heard before, fully formed, arranged, complete. It has been a long time coming but a new "musical maturity" means I'm happy to finally be doing what I've always dreamed was play, compose and perform my music professionally.