Reading Beyond the Book...

More interesting reading about the Monarch

It's been awhile since the Book's release in August 2004 and the Author is still writing! Below are some links, with short descriptions, to illustrated articles, columns and other writings about the Monarch, other members of "The Royal Family," milkweeds and much, much more.

Marigold's Wings

The Author wrote an afterward about the realism of the experiences of this children's book's heroine, a Monarch Butterfly named Marigold, in the book "Marigold's Wings" by author and illustrator Vlasta van Kampen.

Lost Pines Nature Notes

For three years, the Author wrote a newspaper column for the Smithville Times in Texas. Below are links to some of the columns (PDF format, right, or control, click to save a copy) that pertain to the Monarch, Queen, Soldier, Viceroy and to Milkweeds.

  • LPNN27, September 22, 2005, King (and Queen) of Butterflies On the Move.
  • Papalotzin, October 13, 2005, "Royal Butterfly" Visits Smithville & the Lost Pines.
  • LPNN50, March 30, 2006, Sun and Wind Bring More Signs of Spring.
  • LPNN59, June 15, 2006, Last Spring Generation of Texas Monarchs.
  • LPNN82, December 7, 2006, Too Many Snouts...& Other Grass-Feeding Butterflies.
  • LPNN105, May 31, 2007, It Takes A Plant to Raise An Insect Community.
  • LPNN110, July 12, 2007, Butterflies Seek Sun, FLowers Between Downpours.