Errata & Corrigenda...

Correct errors in your copy of the book

Much to my surprise there have been remarkably few reports of errors in this book. The few that the Author is aware of are primarily the result of last-second editorial decisions by, or copy generated by, the publisher, are given below:

  1. Back Cover. A number of errors here, including
    • Throughout: missing capital M on Monarch for all instances in the body of the text (A proper name should be capitalized).
    • Fifth line: replace word "lepidoptera" with word "butterfly" ("lepidoptera" is plural and needlessly verbose jargon).
    • Eighth line: delete "for the return trip home." (Monarchs do not "return" but migrate through successive leapfrog generations).
    • Tenth line: add "en masse" after "long distances;" (Other butterflies do migrate but not in masses like the Monarch).
  2. Pages 27 & 29. Photo captions were switched somehow...the caption on pp27 pertains to the photo on pp29 (and vice versa).
  3. Page 48. Photo caption applies to a photo that was replaced at the last minute. Obviously, there's no caterpillar in the photo, which actually shows Monarchs nectaring at a Senecio in Mexico during colony breakup before the journey "north by northwest".
  4. Page 51. Photo caption has a closing quote but no opening quote.
  5. Page 69. Insert "data," between "...of the scarce" and "a number of..." in the fourth line of the last paragraph of the Pollen, Corn and Monarchs box.

If you have found, or know of, errors in the book, then the Author would appreciate hearing about them. Please use the Contact form...and thank you!